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QuickManager project aims to develop a tool to easily install and manage Extensions and Themes.
Current version allows to install Extensions and Themes in Thunderbird.
Information available on QuickManager comes from Datasources at various other projects, like "ExtensionRoom", "Database", "Themes", ""... So if you want your extension or theme listed, please e-mail at database project (database[at], and provide your extension's name, size, install url, small description, long description, and the authors name, e-mail and/or website and ScreenShot URL's with captions for each image..

Installation Page

Idea of an extension manager is been around since long on mozillaZine. My first extension QuickTools was actually had a feature to install other extensions and themes from web. So when I did WebLinks the idea of combining Install from URL feature was conceived. And start adding that feature to WebLinks. But later as I found we could expand it than a link at WebLinks. I extracted those new codes to form this new project.

After the first release, I came to know Stephen Clavering (clav) and Jed Brown already did some thing similar to QuickManger called Extension Manager. As per their request I will be adding few of its features.

Known Issue
Sometimes when it show the preview or you try to install, it opens default browser.

- Biju

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The quickmanager project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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